China Aircraft Leasing Group posts positive profit alert


HONG KONG – China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited (CALC), the largest independent aircraft operating lessor in China, today filed an positive profit alert, expecting the consolidated profit attributable to the shareholders for the six months ended 30 June 2016 would increase by around 100% as compared with that of the same period last year. The expected significant increase is mainly attributable to the gain from realization of finance lease receivables for four aircraft and the continued expansion of its aircraft leasing business. To date, CALC’s fleet has expanded to 70 aircraft.

CALC Drives Development of USD-denominated Aviation Asset-based Financial Products with Innovative Structures

The above-mentioned realization of finance lease receivables for four aircraft (the “FLR Transaction”) was a recent transaction between CALC and China Everbright Bank. The FLR Transaction further cements CALC’s already-diversified financing channels and enhances its capital liquidity, as well as continues to provide the market with the option of USD-denominated aviation asset-based financial products with stable return.

Ms. Winnie Liu, Executive Director, Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer and of CALC, said, “In view of the limited supply and the increasing demand of USD-denominated fixed-income products in the China capital market, CALC timely provides investors with aircraft FLR products with long-term and stable return.”

As the pioneer in the China aircraft financing industry, CALC first ingeniously designed the aircraft capital securitisation products to meet the demand of Chinese investors in 2013. During past few years, the market has shown growing knowledge and confidence in the aircraft leasing industry, leading to a consistent increase in demand for investments in the aircraft finance products, especially the USD-denominated long term fixed-income aircraft capital securitization.

Ms. Liu added, “CALC has been committed to utilise diversified financing channels in the capital market in order to support rapid business growth. Together with our strength in transferring risk, lowering financial leverage and enhancing cash inflow, CALC is capable to provide more full value-chain aircraft solutions to its airline customers. We will continue to capture the opportunity by actively pursuing FLR securitisation when appropriate, and at the same time, exploring financing alternatives with high agility in the capital market in order to expand our fleet at a sustainable and accelerated pace, while maintaining a lower finance cost.”