Duesseldorf Old Town terror attack: A hoax?


The Old Town in Duesseldorf is also known as the longest bar in the world. The old town is a unique entertainment, shopping and historical center loved by locals and tourists. This was the scene of an alleged terror attack. Read eTN’s previous article on the “planned terror” attack.

After Duesseldorf was the center of a global terror hungry media, the German Federal prosecutor office so far has no evidence about a plan by any terror group to have focussed on the German city of Duesseldorf.

According to an investigative report conducted by local daily newspaper “Rheinische Post (RP)” there is now absolutely no evidence or even an indication that Syrian citizen and refuge Saleh told the truth, when he informed French police about an imminent attack on the German city, capital for State of North Rhine Westphalia (NRW).

A spokesperson for the Prosecutors office told RP: “Investigations are still ongoing. So far we did not press charges against anyone. We still follow leads and those accused are still in custody.”

Interior minister for NRW, Mr. Ralf Jaeger said, Germany and his state has been the focus when it comes to terror investigations. NRW police will continue to follow every possible lead to prevent a real incident.

Based on the statement given to French police by the Syrian refuge, two alleged leaders of IS based in the Duesseldorf region were arrested. At the time of the arrest media spoke of an imminent suicide attack planned on the Old Town Duesseldorf.

Prior to the arrest authorities in Germany did not find any evidence that both men were capable to actually follow through on an attack. Police prior to the arrest and after investigating both suspects for 6 months concluded there was no real danger coming from any of the two suspects now in custody.

Despite this conclusion police proceeded with the high profile arrest.
According to inside information the main parade for the Duesseldorf Carnival in March was cancelled due to security concerns. The official version for the cancellation at that time was stormy weather.

The justification for one of the suspect to be still be in custody is based on an ongoing court proceedings in regards to an incident in a Duesseldorf Old-town discotheque and not related to terror or mass murder.