Seychelles goes prime time

Seychelles captured prime time on Reunion Premiere/France TV in Reunion through a series of reports featuring different spectrums of the destination, such as tourism, fisheries, renewable energy, and the economy that has been aired in the 1900-hour news bulletin on Reunion Premiere/France TV.

These reports compiled by Reunion Premiere/France TV, “Grand Reporteur” Pierre Gault and his cameraman Daniel Fontaine, presently in Seychelles on a press trip, forms part of the Seychelles Tourism Board strategy to raise the Seychelles visibility on the market, and to drive the interest of holidaymakers from Reunion to Seychelles.

Seychelles, which has long been portrayed on Reunion Island as an expensive destination, remains happy that these television reports on the destination aired on Reunion Premiere/France TV, and will contribute to bringing out the main attributes of the destination, such as its home-grown properties and regaining the confidence of holidaymakers to choose Seychelles as their next-stop holiday destination.

Since landing in Seychelles on Friday, June 24, Pierre Gault and Daniel Fontaine have compiled their first report on tourism, one of the country’s main pillars of its economy. The report on tourism was aired on Reunion Premiere, prime time 1900-hour news bulletin.

The report, which also interviewed holidaymakers from Reunion holidaying in Seychelles and owners of Seychelles small properties, was described by the news anchor as filmed in a dream holiday destination. Alain St.Ange, Minister for Tourism and Culture, had the privilege to be featured in the tourism report, and he again placed emphasis on the importance of the tourism industry for Seychelles.

Reunion Premiere “Grand Reporteur” and his cameraman Daniel Fontaine will be in Seychelles until July 1 to bring the Seychelles warmth into the homes of the people of Reunion throughout their press trip.

Reunion Premiere/France TV, a public-owned television station in Reunion, is the second most watched behind Antenne Reunion.

Antenne Reunion had also worked closely with the Seychelles Tourism Board in this effort to give visibility to Seychelles in the Reunion market.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) . For more information on Seychelles Minister of Tourism and Culture Alain St.Ange, click here.