First European leisure airline ramps up flights to Mombasa

Germany’s leisure airline, Condor, now part of the Thomas Cook Group, has resumed a second weekly flight to Mombasa.

The Munich to Mombasa flight operates nonstop and terminates in the Kenyan port city while the weekly Frankfurt to Mombasa flight then continues to the Tanzanian’s holiday island of Zanzibar (Unguja).

This development comes just a week ahead of a new charter being launched from Poland which will link Warsaw with Mombasa, again bringing much needed extra tourists to the Kenya coast.

While the overall situation vis-a-vis charter flights and occupancy along the Kenya coast still is a far cry from the heydays of tourism up to 2012, the signs are now finally showing an upswing again.

Also benefiting will be the safari lodges in national parks near to the coast, as much of their past traffic came from tourists staying at beach hotels but opting for a two- or three-night safari into the parks.