Living Golf for Peace golf tournament with Olympic Truce Campaign & Espiche Golf Club


On July 10, Living Golf International partners Espiche Golf Club and the 2016 Olympic Truce Campaign to launch the 1st Living Golf for Peace tournament in Europe.

The tournament takes place at one of the most sustainable golf courses in the European Region – Espiche, Lagos, Portugal. With this in mind, the holistic format of the Living Golf for Peace tournament, including social, economic and environmental aspects complies with the Global Sustainable Development Goals.

The Living Golf for Peace tournament raises funds to train and support Olympic Truce Youth Ambassadors going to Rio2016, to report back on the Olympic Truce Campaign. This year, the Truce has been called from July 28 to September 18. It is supported by 180 countries through a UN Resolution. Every Olympics is accompanied by a period of Olympic Truce. It was the original reason for the ancient Greeks to hold the Games.

Golf is now returning after 112 years, it is once again an Olympic sport. It is – the only sport where every player is equal, due to the handicap system – a beginner plays with an experienced golfer … and wins! Golf has no barriers. It brings people of all ages from all nationalities together. Golf is open to everyone – give a kid a stick and a stone and they are beginning to start their golf career!

Living Golf International based in Scotland and South Africa – is the vision of Franz Rolinck – who played as a young man for Germany. Living Golf created Golf for Peace tournaments to inspire all cultures to come together through the Texas Scramble format.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) supports the UN’s call made 50 years ago to consider tourism as a catalyst for development, peace and reconciliation. Living Golf promotes nation building. It celebrates diversity through equality and inclusion. Playing golf enhances our knowledge of ourselves, our ability to be at peace within – the fundamental base for outer peace. It is an opportunity for every player to be an ambassador for peace, while walking for 4 hours in beautiful surroundings, fresh air and nature.

Registration details are on Living Golf and Espiche website.

We would like to invite everyone to make as much publicity as possible, to spread this inspiring news. We do hope you are in a position to embrace this tournament, by attending or participating personally, or with a team sponsored by your organization.

For more detailed information, please contact email or Mobile UK +44 7570 139657