China Aircraft Leasing: Pegasus gets two Airbus A320


China Aircraft Leasing Group Holdings Limited has delivered two new Airbus A320 aircraft to Turkey’s low-cost airline, Pegasus Airlines, its first customer in Europe, based on the lease agreements signed in 2015. With the latest delivery, CALC’s fleet has expanded to 70 aircraft.

Since the foray into Europe by sealing this deal last year, CALC has made good progress in its expansion outside China. The lessor is diversifying its client portfolio by tying its full value-chain aircraft solutions with the carriers from the expanding emerging markets, working towards a balanced portfolio of Chinese and non-Chinese airline clients by 2020.

Pegasus Airlines is Turkey’s leading low-cost carrier offering economically priced point-to-point and transit flights across Europe, the Caucasus, Russia, the CIS countries, Middle East and North Africa. Founded with the mission that everyone has the right to fly, Pegasus offers its guests affordable, on-time flights and the newest aircraft under the auspices of its low-cost model. Pegasus Airlines flies a scheduled service to 33 destinations in Turkey and 70 in the rest of the world, bringing its total network to 103 destinations in 41 countries.