Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas to soar with NetJets


COLUMBUS, OH – When two of today’s musical superstars decided to launch a 35-stop national tour, there was only one choice for their air travel needs: NetJets, a proud sponsor of Demi Lovato’s and Nick Jonas’ 2016 Honda Civic Tour: Future Now. Over the next three months – from the tour’s kick-off in Atlanta on June 29 to its finale in Los Angeles on September 17 – Lovato and Jonas will enjoy the extraordinary comfort, convenience and safety of NetJets’ service.

“We have the most amazing fans and we can’t let them down,” said Lovato. “When the lights come up on the stage, we have to be ready to go. We know that NetJets will get us where we need to be and that we’ll get there safely, on time, rested and refreshed. There’s no other experience in the air like a NetJets flight and we’re thrilled they’re a part of our tour.”

“This tour is touching the four corners of the continental U.S. – from Portland, Maine to Miami, San Diego to Seattle – and 31 great places in between,” said Jonas. “You can only pull off something like that with a great team working with you and we have that on the ground and in the air. With NetJets, we know that the flights will be flawless and the service will be perfect so we can concentrate on giving everyone at every show our very best.”

“It’s a special sort of excitement to be flying two of music’s most exciting young artists,” said Pat Gallagher, NetJets’ executive vice president for sales and marketing. “Nick and Demi are absolutely passionate about performing in the same way we’re passionate about air travel and making every NetJets flight a special, memorable event. We’re honored to be their air travel partner for the upcoming tour.”

NetJets operates the largest, most diverse fleet of private aircraft in the world, making it the perfect air travel partner for those with demanding, complex travel needs and who want the very best in terms of safety, comfort and convenience when they fly. Every year, NetJets manages more than 300,000 flights to more than 170 destinations worldwide.