Brussels airlines bringing more “cush for the tush”

Brussels Airlines, operating a fleet of 10 Airbus A330 aircraft on their long-haul services to East Africa, West Africa and North America – where Toronto is the latest destination launched two months ago – has good news for their passengers.

Come July 1, the first four rows of seats in the Economy Class cabin will be transformed into an Economy Plus product.

New seats will offer greater comfort – more cush for the tush [more cushion for the bottom] – and a recline of up to 20 degrees, compared to the standard 8 degrees of the normal economy class seats but notably also more legroom. In addition, passengers who pay for these premium seats will receive Brussels Airlines’ famous pralines, champagne and an upgraded amenity kit, too.

This will no doubt be received well especially in Uganda and Rwanda, where the airline flies to Entebbe and Kigali five times a week and where the service on board has left passengers looking forward to their next flight to experience the savoir vivre in the air. Bujumbura, Burundi’s capital, is served once a week in conjunction with Kigali.

The new cabin configuration will be progressively introduced in the airline’s Airbus A330 aircraft over the coming weeks which includes also a complete retrofitting of the economy class seats, also providing the latest in comfort levels to make overnight flights more agreeable.

Similar cabin features with Business, Premium Economy and Economy are already in place on the airline’s short- and medium-haul fleet where the main differences are the level of inflight service and catering, again seen as on top of its class across Europe.