Adventure travel: 40% of over 55s are at their most adventurous age


Nearly half of senior travelers over 55 in the United Kingdom would like to visit a new country in the next five years.

A survey conducted by “adventure,” a travel specialist, has revealed that 40% of over 55s believe they are at their most adventurous age. The survey highlights that the demographic isn’t afraid of trying new things and are looking to experience completely new ways of traveling. It is now the older generation who is looking for a sense of “adventure” from their holidays.

The survey highlights that the definition of ‘adventure’ for the over 55s is visiting a place they have never been to before, as stated by 67% of Britons polled. One in six see adventure as pushing boundaries and 40% cite being fearless as their reason to try something new.

The willingness of over 55s to step outside their comfort zone comes from an increased sense of adventure and heightened desire to travel, both of which develop with age. The new research also revealed that 46% plan to visit at least one new country on their next holiday and 37% stated that they are looking to travel further for their holiday, with New Zealand topping the list.

When it comes to their past travel adventures, one in ten has climbed a mountain and a quarter has travelled across a country by train. Of all ages surveyed, over a third said that while they were interested in ‘fly and flop’ holidays when they were younger, their interests now lie elsewhere, with one in five saying they are looking for a cultural experience when traveling. A third would love to visit one of the Wonders of the World and a fifth included seeing the Northern Lights on their bucket list.

A travel agent said: “Adventure is at the core of our business so these survey results have been very significant for us. The over 55s are a key market for us and we are thrilled that many of our customers are becoming increasingly adventurous.”