Japan Tobu Railway to step up collaboration to promote exchanges of people


Tobu Railway Co. will change the exterior painting design of one of the Series 200 trains used for the Limited Express Ryomo to that of the Tze-Chiang limited express, “Puyuma,” operated by the Taiwan Railways Administration (TRA) on June 17 as part of their collaborative programs.

Tobu and TRA have already displayed a commemorative logo based on a common design on Tobu’s Limited Express SPACIA and launched a mutual ticket exchange program as part of their collaborative programs since they signed a friendship railway agreement on December 18, 2015.

The change of the Ryomo train exterior is the second round of the collaborative programs that Tobu and TRA have implemented to promote exchanges of tourists between Japan and Taiwan. The project is aimed at attracting passengers from Taiwan to Ashikaga in Tochigi Prefecture and Tatebayashi, Ota and Akagi in Gunma Prefecture where the Limited Express Ryomo stops by changing the exterior of one of the Series 200 trains used for the Ryomo to that of TRA’s popular train. It is the first time that the exterior of a Tobu train has been changed to that of an overseas train.

Train cars used for the Tze-Chiang limited express “Puyuma” have a white body with a red line, which bears “TRA.” The Tze-Chiang limited express, known as TRA’s flagship train, is one of the most popular trains in Taiwan. Along with the change of its exterior to that of the Tze-Chiang, a commemorative logo based on a common design and the logo of a monkey (2016 is the year of the monkey in the Chinese astrological calendar), which is now displayed only on the “Puyuma,” will be displayed on the Ryomo train with the exterior of the Tze-Chiang. Therefore, the body of the Ryomo train authentically reproduces the exterior of the Tze-Chiang limited express “Puyuma.”