India takes on Korean food

INDIA (eTN) – In a unique initiative, the Banarsidas Chandiwala Institute of Catering and Food Technology in New Delhi, India, is holding a seven-week Korean Culinary Camp from June 20 to July 31, during which many students of the institute will be exposed to the best of cuisine from Korea.

The Korean Cultural Centre in Delhi is collaborating with the Chandiwala Institute, where seven master chefs will impart the knowledge of the best of Korean cuisine, which is fast gaining popularity in India and around the globe.

R. K. Bhandari, Principal of the Chandiwala Institute said that Korea will take part in the September 2016 annual ensemble.

Korean food is fast becoming a popular food choice around the world. Even on television shows where chefs prepare dishes, Korean condiments are popping up everywhere, such as kochujang sauce. Take a flight to Korea, and you will be sure to be served bi bim bap – the country’s “go to” dish of savory beef and vegetables served on a bed of white rice, topped off with an egg.