Travel is number one mood booster for Americans


NORWALK, CT – More than half of Americans say travel improves their mood even more than exercising or shopping. The findings are included in a new ‘Traveler’s Sweet Spot’ survey. Whether seeking time with friends and family, wellness, a job interview or a new adventure, there’s usually something on the line and travel often fills that sweet spot.

As far as which trips are best for boosting moods, the survey found that romantic getaways top the list among men (38%) and women (34%). And ditch the jokes about stressful weekends with the family – 33 percent of all respondents said family visits boost their mood the most, followed by trips with close friends (23%). Ninety-one percent are traveling to see friends or family – often when something is on the line (cue the wedding, baby shower and reunion).

While most people wouldn’t say no to a week (or two) on a beach, travel doesn’t have to be extended to be satisfying. Four out of five Americans would rather take multiple, short getaways than one long vacation this year. Forty-four percent would like to take three to four trips this year to be happier, while nearly 10 percent would like to take seven or more trips in 2016. The independent survey results link closely to travel activity among customers. Approximately half of them (51%) are booking short getaways, and 34 percent have taken five or more trips in the past year.

“Research tells us that 44% of Americans frequently regret not being able to go on more trips, and the majority are not booking these trips due to travel costs,” said Brigit Zimmerman, senior vice president of Air and Vacation Packages for

With Americans planning to take more frequent trips and use-it-or-lose-it vacation time on the line, has taken the mystery out of getting the most bang-for-your buck this season. The brand analyzed average daily hotel room rates (ADR) to 10 popular destinations for June, July and August, recommending the best month to get the best hotel deals with corresponding median airfare prices.

Destination Best Month to Visit Hotel ADR Median Airfare

Anchorage, AK June $171 $410
Cape Cod, MA June $141 $215
Honolulu, HI June $223 $663
Los Angeles, CA June $162 $224
New Orleans, LA August $134 $274
New York City, NY July $201 $247
Miami, FL June $134 $235
San Francisco, CA July $206 $294
Washington, D.C. July $138 $247
Yellowstone Park/
Bozeman, MT June $169 $435