Seychelles tourism takes to the road in Belgium and The Netherlands

This is not the first time the popular Seychelles roadshow, carried out by the Seychelles Tourism Board’s Paris Office in conjunction with the support of the Seychelles private sector trade, stopped in European Benelux towns in Belgium and The Netherlands.

After completing its first successful week, taking the Seychelles destination and its array of products through various cities in France, presented by hotel and airline partners, the Seychelles delegation took to the road in Belgium and The Netherlands from June 6-8, 2016 where it continues to be a firm favorite among Belgian and Dutch travel professionals.

These are important catchment areas that provide clientele to the destination, and it was most important that the country continues to show its presence and keep penetrating these regions and servicing these agents with the information of its islands and products, and in turn enabling it to recommend and sell the destination further, with more confidence and facts, said Bernadette Willemin, European Director of the Seychelles Tourism Board.

The fact the Seychelles brought their products to the doorstep of these agents was immensely appreciated and well supported. This was clearly recognized in the successful turnout of travel agents and trade professionals during the events which took place in Brussels, Antwerp, and Amsterdam from June 6-8, 2016.

In attendance, was a strong delegation of 14 participants comprising of various hotel partners – Banyan Tree Seychelles: Mourad Essafi and Patrica Demayer; Beachcomber Ste Anne Island: Veronique Ibrard and Sandra Ober; Constance Hotels and Resorts: Jhoan Payet; Denis Private Island, Indian Ocean Lodge and Carana Beach Hotel: Priska Constance; Eden Bleu: Isabel Turon Lagau; Domaine de l’Orangeraie, Domaine de La Reserve and Cat Cocos: Guillaume Albert; H Resort Beau Vallon Beach: Fabienne Tirant; Hilton Seychelles: Devi Pentamah; Maia Resort and Paradise Sun: Daphne Hoareau; Etihad Airways/Air Seychelles: Rimmert Gryseels, Alecia da Luz, and Christine Ozouf; Avani Seychelles Barbarons Resort & Spa: Anna Alvis and Aline Chan-Tien; and led by Seychelles Tourism Board France-based European Director: Bernadette Willemin, accompanied by Senior Marketing Executive: Christine Vel.

The events were held in a “train and dine” format, which from its inception, has proved to be a most popular format over the years among the attendees – potential and faithful alike. This was clearly seen through strong participation and turn out at all 3 events.

The synergy between the local partners and the Seychelles Tourism Board in France has contributed to the overall awareness of the destination for the past 5 years resulting in an increase of figures to the Seychelles from Belgium, The Netherlands, and Luxembourg, respectively, said Bernadette Willemin, the Director for Europe.

As this series of events has proved to be such a success, the Seychelles will continue to embark upon other such events in the future. The next rendezvous set for Escapades Benelux will take place from June 5-8, 2017.

In the meantime, the Seychelles Tourism Board in France continues its geographical footprint further into Benelux through the various activities planned for the rest of year, bringing the Seychelles destination into greater focus.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .