Ultimate Dinosaurs exhibition roars in to Ottawa


Ottawa’s extensive collection of museums and galleries are among the finest in the world. Whether interested in anthropology, military history, fine art, modern design or the natural world, the Canadian capital is the perfect holiday destination for anyone with a love for culture and heritage. At any one time there are dozens of fascinating and unique temporary exhibitions on display at institutions throughout the city; the latest is called “Ultimate Dinosaurs” and is opened to the public on Saturday at the Canadian Museum of Nature.

The new dino display provides visitors with the opportunity to meet T. Rex’s bigger, badder cousin at an exhibition that showcases large dinosaurs of the southern hemisphere. It depicts enormous land animals that existed in isolation on the once great continent of Gondwana, which has since split into Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica. Thanks to millions of years of evolution, the creatures on display have striking differences to the more familiar northern hemisphere dinosaurs that we are used to seeing in film and on television.

‘Ultimate Dinosaurs’ is set to run until 5 September and introduces 20 newly discovered and exotic species. They include 16 fully-articulated skeletons, among them the imposing, 12-metre-long Giganotosaurus, the crocodile like Suchomimus and the huge Amargasaurus, with twin ‘sails’ on its long neck. Using the latest state-of-the-art augmented reality technology, the exhibition transforms full-scale dinosaur skeletons into incredible flesh-covered animated beasts. This same technology also highlights the continental drift that altered the landscape of the ancient world, setting the stage for the evolution of these fascinating creatures.