Police to keep tabs on foreign tourists in Puri


PURI: Attention foreign tourists who plan to visit Puri. Next time you move out of this temple city, please make sure you tell cops of the places you plan to visit. The police have decided to keep a tab on the movement of foreign tourists to ensure their safety. The move comes in the wake of a German tourist getting roughed up by four young men in Cuttack on New Year eve. Puri police have also asked hoteliers to help them keep a tab on the foreign tourists.

“A foreign tourist, coming here on a tourist visa or a long-term visa, will have to keep police posted about their movements. We don’t want to take any chances. If anything bad happens to a foreign tourist outside Puri, the police is held responsible,” said superintendent of police (Puri) Asheet Kumar Panigrahi. “We have also told hotel owners that just in case foreign guests find it difficult, it is their duty to inform us,” Panigrahi said.

He admitted that despite a law that makes the practice mandatory, not many care to comply. “Some owners do approach the police when a foreign visitor stays in their hotel and a paper containing information about the guest is submitted. But rarely do we know where the tourist is going,” he said. “But after this reported attack on the German tourist, we have decided to be strict about the existing law. We have already told all hoteliers here to cooperate. After all this concerns the safety and security of their guests,” Panigrahi said.