Quebec is guest of honor at the Brussels Comic Strip Festival


BRUSSELS, Belgium – The seventh edition of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival, which will take place from 2-4 September at Parc de Bruxelles, will feature Quebec as an honored guest. After Taiwan and Turkey (on the occasion of the commemoration of 50 years of Turkish immigration in Belgium), it is the turn of the comic strip artists of Quebec to sign books and take part in meetings, exhibitions, conferences and all sorts of other activities in the course of this annual and not-to-be-missed comic strip celebration.

Every year, the Brussels Comic Strip Festival becomes more international. Because, even if Belgium and Brussels are recognised as fertile ground for the comic strip, there is still plenty of room for discovery and sharing. So, the Quebec General Delegation to Brussels, together with the Francophone Comic Strip Festival of Quebec and Quebec Edition, joins the seventh edition of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival to present Quebec’s version of the ninth art in all its diversity.

Quebec’s place of honour in Brussels will be reflected through the prism of all that is the essence of the Brussels Comic Strip Festival: conferences, workshops and activities for the young, comic strip improvisations, on-the-spot drawings, meetings and book signings by some 20 leading authors from Quebec, including Michel Rabagliati, ZViane, Maxim Cyr, Freg & Makina and François Miville-Deschênes, represented by around 15 of 44 Quebec publishers, films at the Cinematek (Royal Cinemathèque of Belgium)…as well as by the presentation of Quebec specialties, like the comic strip series QC, which will, in an informal and relaxed manner, reveal the secrets of their creators’ world.

This news marks the start of the 2016 Brussels Comic Strip Festival program and launches the new internet site that has just gone on line