FAA awards SkyRunner coveted Special Light-Sport Aircraft Certificate


SHREVEPORT, LA – SkyRunner, LLC is pleased to announce that, after many years of development, the FAA has officially awarded their groundbreaking vehicle the coveted S-LSA classification. “This is one of the most significant milestones in our company’s history,” said Stewart Hamel, SkyRunner’s CEO and Founder.

SkyRunner is the very first vehicle of its kind, an all-terrain vehicle and light-sport aircraft combined into one simplified vehicle. Built with adventurers in mind, SkyRunner proves capable in some of the roughest ground environments then, in just 5 minutes, can take to the sky using the advent of powered-parachute flight. No conventional runway is needed for takeoff, as SkyRunner’s takeoff distance is only about a football field in length.

SkyRunner has been getting rave reviews from leaders in off-road, aviation, and adventure circles. Dan Johnson, President of the Light Aircraft Manufacturing Association, added, “SkyRunner is a full-on macho pulse-pounder that catches the interest of people. Indeed the SkyRunner team has set out to make this an impressive vehicle.” Gregg Godfrey, winner of the Baja 1000 and co-founder of Nitro Circus, called SkyRunner “a landmark move in aviation!” RedBull called SkyRunner, “One of the Greatest Adventure Vehicles of All Time.” Top Gear touted SkyRunner as an “extremely bond baddie.”

The FAA approval comes just a few years after SkyRunner first appeared on the global scene, after a CNN Money video of a 1st-generation prototype gained over a million views in the first week. Since then, SkyRunner has attracted almost 600,000 followers on Facebook and other social media. “It’s extremely rare for a startup like SkyRunner to attract more Facebook followers in just two years than multi-billion dollar brands like Polaris, Can Am and Virgin Atlantic have accumulated to date. It’s indicative that this product is connecting with people in a profound way,” said Kenneth O’Brock, Director of Marketing.

SkyRunner’s Director of Production, Cody Lackey added, “It’s remarkable how the wisdom of crowds have shaped SkyRunner’s form and function. From active involvement from tier-one military operators to industry experts in aviation and off-road, even social media feedback – all have contributed to the quality, reliability, redundancy and safety of SkyRunner. This machine is truly a marvel.”

With this objective complete, SkyRunner will now begin delivering on a backlog of orders for its eagerly anticipated powersports aircraft. “This airworthiness certification is monumental, as it now triggers serial production, creates jobs, and makes for happy customers,” said Daryl Ballard, Shop Foreman. SkyRunner has a backorder of position deposits, a multi-million dollar contract for government use, newly pending fleet orders for emergency medical and over 143 distributor requests around the world. Production and deliveries are underway at SkyRunner’s 68-acre manufacturing plant in Shreveport, Louisiana.