Music and dance: Promoting Seychelles tourism in the UAE

The Seychelles Tourism Board Office in Abu Dhabi has put a lot of emphasis this year on promoting the Seychelles culture in the UAE.

Shoppers and visitors at the WTC (World Trade Center) Mall in Abu Dhabi were treated to an animated music festival on Saturday, June 4, 2016. Organized by Jean Yves Carnino, Director of the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi, “la Fête de la Musique,” which started at 2:05 pm, aimed to bring various musicians of different nationalities under one roof. The WTC Mall provided an intimate atmosphere, and as the crowd fluctuated from big to small, and to big again, the performers surprised the audience in multiple ways.

The Eurojamming group launched the festival with some great tunes before handing the stage over to other talented musicians such as Angelina, who at the age of 8 interpreted Tchaikovsky & Mozart on the piano like a virtuoso. Fedia lulled the crowd with beautiful hits like “Mon amie la rose” on her oud, and Margaret Ballouz reminded everyone of Charlotte Church as she came up with some impressive operatic interpretations. Young people certainly showed off their talents that afternoon, and it somehow restored people’s faith in them.

The Seychelles was also present at the event through its well-known local artists Emmanuel Marie and John Vital, alias Ton Milo. The latter impressed the crowd with his piano-accordion, and Emmanuel tried his hand at the drums. They played with Reunion group, Gayamb, before interpreting their own Creole music. The Seychellois in attendance could not resist getting up from their chairs and moving to the music of these islands. They were soon joined by other enthusiastic members of the audience who tried, for better or for worse, the quite intricate steps of the séga, one of the traditional dances of Seychelles. Emmanuel was his usual entertaining self and kept the audience moving for 30 minutes with some Creole, French, and English hits.

This was followed by the Alliance Française Abu Dhabi staff who did not fail to impress the crowd, just like the young heavy-metal group, Tears of Insanity. DJ Arthur gave the grand finale with some upbeat tunes which got everyone moving again before going home at 10:15 pm with smiles on their faces for having experienced music with 23 performers from all over the globe.

Visitors who have been to the Seychelles are fascinated by the country’s dances and music. This is definitely another attractive way of marketing the destination to the general public. By hearing the word Seychelles and experiencing the music and dance, a sort of curiosity is created among the crowd, and now that each and every one owns a smartphone, Googling the destination is so easy.

“I have no doubt that we will have more visitors booking seats to the Seychelles after this event,” claimed Ms. Esther. “I have already received inquiries about visa requirements to the Seychelles from a few callers,” she added. The Seychelles has a no-visa policy for all tourists/visitors traveling to the destination. All one needs are the following:

– A valid passport
– Return or onward ticket
– Proof of accommodation
– Sufficient funds for the duration of their stay

Air Seychelles and Etihad Airways have daily flights to the destination, and Emirates flies twice daily to the Seychelles archipelago.

Seychelles is a founding member of the International Coalition of Tourism Partners (ICTP) .