American drivers: Think you know how to drive in Germany? Think again!


Germany has been one of the most important travel and tourism destinations for Americans. This is true specifically for American drivers. Your home state driver’s license may do, but would this make you a good and safe Driver in Germany? You may want to think again.

Self-drive tours, renting a car to explore German Autobahns, may be the most exciting experiences you ever get when traveling in Europe.

It’s known that setting a speed limit on the German interstate, known as the Autobahn, is like banning hamburgers for Americans. It won’t happen.

While this is a challenge, driving in Europe is very different compared to driving at home. Narrow streets, aggressive drivers, no right turns on red, right of way when in a roundabout – there are a lot of rules you may not be aware of, so be prepared.

What about getting assistance? Here in the United States, you would turn to your Automobile club. AAA as the largest US organization assisting drivers, and Germany has its own version of AAA – they call it ADAC. They actually honor each other’s membership for emergency services.

As a matter of fact, a good reference to learn about information available for those driving in Germany is KFZ Auskunft. A little Google translation may help to understand this German language portal, but the information available is plentiful.

Make sure you have sufficient insurance when driving on European roads, and yes, make sure you get your lifetime thrill and experience the Autobahn.

How does it feel when you are going 150 mph, and a Porsche is passing you? Some of the most important rules on the Autobahn is that you drive on the right side, you never pass a car on the right side, and you use the left lane only for passing. Don’t stay in the left lane. You will not only avoid angry drivers but a serious ticket.

Such information of course is also available from adac and KFZ Auskunft. Have a pleasant “fahrvergnuegen [driving pleasure].”