ETOA chief Tom Jenkins clarifies his response to the Orlando terror attack


eTurboNews in an earlier article questioned the reason why tourism leaders had been slow condemning the terror attack on the LGBT travel and tourism industry after the mass murders in an Orlando nightclub on Sunday morning.

See “Why are tourism leaders silent?”;

Tom Jenkins, head of the European Tourism Organization now contacted eTurboNews and stated clarified:

ETOA sits on the board of IGLTA, and was party to the statement which was issued immediately after the attacks in Orlando. This appears to have been missed by the article. The statement runs:

“IGLTA and its global membership are shocked and saddened by the devastating mass shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando. We stand in solidarity with our members and friends in Orlando and send our condolences to all of those whose lives were touched by this violent act.

eTN published the IGLTA release

Mr. Jenkins continued to state:

For reasons which should be obvious, it is not ETOA’s policy to comment on events that occur outside of Europe. But, as the matter has been raised, we wish to make it clear that we wholly endorse the position of IGLTA, that we are proud of our involvement with the LGBT community and we regard such assaults as an attack on us all.