LGBT Hawaii sends aloha and a message to the victims in Orlando


LGBT Hawaii serves the LGBT ommunity in Hawaii with a special focus on global outreach for the Hawaii travel and tourism industry. More information on LGBT Hawaii can be found on the organization’s web-portal:

LGBT Hawaii issued a statement on the Orlando, Florida, nightclub terror attack.

LGBT Hawaii sends our heartfelt condolences and Aloha to our many friends in Orlando and to all those who have been somehow touched by this latest violent attack on our community and on our nation. Terror has no borders. Such attacks of terrorism have happened in Paris, in Brussels, in Bali, Tunisia, Kenya, in Boston and New York and now in Orlando.

LGBT Hawaii co-founder Scott Foster said, “With LGBT Pride events now taking place around the world, this is a heartbreaking day for us, the LGBT community in Hawaii and worldwide. We call on LGBTs everywhere to once again stand together to help fight this latest evil and to urge authorities worldwide to implement appropriate security measures.

Implementing appropriate security cannot wait. We must realize this here at home — in Hawaii and nationally — we must begin to implement security measures everywhere that should include protecting our hotels, our shopping malls and our entertainment facilities; anywhere crowds routinely gather. As one of the world centers of international tourism, Hawaii is particularly vulnerable. Orlando and Hawaii are both major travel and tourism destinations. We must tell those who want to harm us to not underestimate the power of freedom and solidarity and the power of the United States of America. The entire civilized world is fighting you.

A Candlelight vigil is being planned for 6:30 PM at the Gandhi Statue in Kapiolani Park Adjacent Hula’s Bar & Grill in Honolulu.

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