FBI: Pulse nightclub attack classified as a terror incident


20 dead, 42 injured: A spokesman of the FBI confirmed this morning at 7:15 at a press conference in Orlando, that the attack on Pulse LGBT nightclub was an act of terror. Local, state and federal authorities are working together to investigate this attack as a domestic terror attack.

The public is alerted to report any suspicious behavior. “If you see something, say something.”

An investigation will show if the attack has any international connection. The FBI further says there is no indication of other threats anywhere in the United States at this time.

The FBI realizes the importance of the travel and tourism industry in Florida and wants to put visitors at ease. The State of Florida and the United States of America should be considered safe for travel.

Orlando police confirmed approximately 20 people were shot dead and additional 42 injured people were transported to area hospitals after a terror attack on a packed Pulse nightclub. The club was popular with tourists and locals and the LGBT community.

The suspect was shot and found with a gun, an explosive device and was wearing an explosive vest. The suspect barricaded himself with hostages inside Pulse nightclub after the initial 2 am shooting. At 5 am authorities decided to storm the club and killed the shooter.