War! Tourists from England, Russia and France involved in bloody fighting


It appears Britain already left the European Union, and tensions with Russia are finally spilling over to make football a new reason to actually exchange physical warfare. A tourist war erupted in the French port city of Marseille on Saturday between England, Russia and France.

Ambulances were rushing sports fans with bloody faces to area hospitals. eTN received a call from a reader in Marseille. He told eTN his name was “David.” David is from Russia. He told eTN that fighting left one person dead. He continued to say Marseille is like a war zone. Football fans from Britain, Russia and France are throwing bottles at each other, and fist fights have erupted. eTN was unable to confirm the death of a participant independently. Local media reports mentioned people with life-threatening injuries were admitted to hospitals.

To be exact, the street battle was between sports tourists attending EURO 2016 games in France fighting with French football supporters in Marseille, France, and the Russians were in the middle of it.

England fans have been embroiled in fresh clashes with police and rival supporters in Marseille on the day the team played its first Euro 2016 game.

The latest violence followed two nights of trouble in the French port city. Police used tear gas for a third day on Saturday, and also a water cannon in an attempt to disperse the crowds.

Before England’s opening game of the tournament against Russia, fans had walked past ranks of police officers in riot gear on their way to the Stade Velodrome venue.

European football’s governing body, UEFA, said it “firmly condemns the incidents in Marseille,” adding that “people engaging in such violent acts have no place in football.”

Local police chief, Laurent Nunez, told the AFP news agency: “Police intervened in a clash between English, Russian and French supporters in the Vieux Port district. Six people were arrested.”