Shots fired at Dallas Airport


Earlier today: а man was shot by police just hours ago at the Dallas Love Field Airport terminal. When confronted by the police, the man told them, “You’re going to have to shoot.”

According to the Police Chief David Brown, the 29-year-old man, Shawn Nicholas Diamond, was just brought to the airport by his ex-girlfriend. He hit her, pulled out his suitcase from the car, then grabbed a traffic cone which he smashed into the car windshield.

He then picked up rocks used for landscaping and began hurling them at the car. When the police arrived, he had a rock in each hand. A police officer had his gun aimed at Diamond who was darting around the officer with the rocks and saying, “You’re going to have to shoot.”

The officer shot Diamond and ordered him to stay on the ground, but Diamond got back up and started to run, and the officer fired several more shots.

Surveillance video shows another officer with a stun gun which was never used. The police officer that fired the shots has been removed from patrol duty pending a review.

Diamond is in stable condition at a nearby Dallas hospital.

Video courtesy of Bryan Armstrong/@flashyfilms_ #DallasLoveFieldShooting