Report details how airlines are navigating turbulence in online customer acquisition


A new report designed to help airline executives better understand and navigate the changing landscape of customer acquisition in the air travel sector was released today.

The Airline Marketing Outlook report features insights from top experts on the forces at play in the flight-booking landscape.

In the report, the experts outline the new challenges facing airlines in traveler acquisition and discuss how airlines can leverage new digital marketing ‘best practices’ to seize a greater number of online customer bookings and drive long-term growth. Their insights include:

• Advice on how carriers can drive stronger conversions on their branded websites

• Details on how recent industry developments (like the New Distribution Capability Standard and the rise of Google Flights) impact airlines

• Intel on how carriers’ OTA and MSE partnerships impact their overall marketing performance

• Tips on boosting revenue (and why add-on ancillaries aren’t the answer)

• Perspective on how and why ‘big data’ will – or won’t – provide long-term value to the air travel industry at large