Morocco tourism stresses importance of digitization in the industry


Morocco’s Minister of Tourism, Mr. Lahcen Haddad, is stressing the importance of digitization as a carrier vector for new jobs and industries in the production, distribution, and ICT services of related areas, indicating that growth will come from the digital arena, with its contribution to global growth, in light of the emergence of new technologies and mass communication.

Mr. Haddad hosted a conference recently on “Changes in the global economy and growth prospects” at the Rotary Club of Casablanca, a global organization of more than 1.2 million members from the world of business professionals, and civic world.

The digital revolution is imminent, and e-commerce development prospects are very promising with a 50% contribution to global GDP in 2025. The digital area will create or move 14,000 to 34,000 billion DHS, and nearly 80% of jobs will have a digital component in 2030.

Moreover, the emergence and development of e-commerce in Morocco is reflected in the efforts of the government through the e-Morocco strategy. The country is classified in the category of starters with a score of 30 points and occupies the 42nd position in overall standings.

Haddad jousted that the opportunities offered by e-commerce for an emerging country like Morocco require increased investment in new technology, an adaptation of cloud and data centers to accompany the digital revolution, and to position itself as a leader in the region.

He also said that e-commerce is an area under construction in Morocco and it is likely to grow, given the advances in connectivity, with 42 million mobile subscribers (penetration rate 124%) and 14.48 million Internet subscribers (penetration rate of 42.78%). In terms of e-commerce, 903,000 online shoppers were identified in 2014 against 769,000 in 2013, and commercial sites have realized 24.09 billion DHS e-commerce transactions, against 23.1 billion in 2013, an increase of 4.29%.