Air Canada customers ‘highly satisfied’ with bilingual service


MONTREAL, Canada – Air Canada customers are highly satisfied with the airline’s ability to deliver service in their choice of English or French overall according to a survey of more than 5,300 of its customers conducted earlier this year by Ipsos Reid.

Ninety-four percent of Air Canada customers said they were satisfied or extremely satisfied overall with Air Canada’s ability to deliver service in their official language of choice, an improvement of three percentage points from the previous year. In addition, the majority of both francophones and anglophones said they believed Air Canada has improved its bilingual service delivery in the past year, with close to fully a quarter of them recognizing that bilingual service improved significantly. Air Canada is the only Canadian airline subject to the federal Official Languages Act.

“Air Canada is Canada’s largest private sector corporation offering bilingual services across Canada and globally,” said Arielle Meloul-Wechsler, Air Canada’s Vice President, Human Resources and Co-Champion of Official Languages. “As a company that promotes diversity and is a proud standard-bearer of our Canadian heritage, we value our role in promoting bilingualism in Canada. We are proud of our commitment to serve customers in the official language of their choice and are encouraged that the majority of our customers are telling us that we are continuously improving our bilingual service offering. Both this and the steadily decreasing proportion of complaints are the best tangible evidence that our significant efforts and investments are yielding very positive results. We will continue to do so with the interest of our customers in mind and with our total commitment and conviction that bilingualism is right for airline passengers in Canada.”

When benchmarked against other Canadian airlines, Air Canada provides a significantly and consistently higher level of bilingualism in terms of quality and availability, according to a 2015 study conducted by KPMG. When compared against similar flights covering similar routes and destinations, Air Canada was ranked “High level of bilingualism” measured through standard and spontaneous messages, both in flight and at the gate, compared to other Canadian carriers, which were rated “Average level of bilingualism” using the same criteria.