Duesseldorf Old Town: Another tourism hot spot under terror threat?


Germans are shocked and angry. A deadly terror attack in the heart of Duesseldorf? Tourists and locals refuse to make this an issue and the fun goes on. Alt Beer is flowing – and people are going on with their way of live – one day after the news broke.

German police were able to stop a major terror attack on the travel and tourism industry in the heart of the Duesseldorf Altstadt (Old Town)

The attack was planned at the entrance to one of the main subway stations at Heinrich-Heine-Allee in the city center of Duesseldorf.

This subway station serves also as the gateway to the famous Duesseldorf Old Town. The Old Town is always a crowded place and known as the longest bar in the world.

Tourists and locals enjoy hundreds of bars, restaurants and nightlife along with unique shopping in this most known part of this city. The Old Town is also home of the Rathaus (City Hall) and a number of modern department stores.

Duesseldorf is the capital city of the most popular German State of Northrhine Westphalia and situated on the River Rhine. The city is known for innovation, a large international airport and rail gateway, a city known also as “Small Paris” with fashion exhibition and designer stores.

Duesseldorf is home for the German language edition of eTurboNews.de

Hamza C (27) Mahood B (25) and Abrahman A.K.(31) were arrested by German police in the nearby city of Muehlheim yesterday. They are Syrian citizens and had applied for refugee status. German immigration did not yet decide on their status.

According to the office for the protection of the constitution and police the plan was for the arrested to blow themselves up at Heinrich Heine-Allee and other terrorists with guns and explosives planned to attack anyone walking by and to cause as many kills asas possible.

A.K. was a member of the islamic extreme organization Al-Nusra-Front. He entered Greece from Turkey and made it to Germany in 2015.

German police was able to learn about this group already before the Carnival in 2016. The main Rosenmontag (Rose Monday) carnival parade was cancelled due to “weather”. It was the first time a Rosenmontag parade was cancelled since World War Two. Many citizens were surprised the parade went on in nearby Cologne. One can only assume a threat for a terror attack may have been the real reason.

According to German intelligence the arrest was not in connection with threats against the Soccer European Championship upcoming in France.

According to German authorities there was no danger for the attack to materialize, since authorities were watching perpetrators. According to the State Police, security is increased because of the upcoming Islamic Ramadan fastening month from June 6 to July 5.

Police is confident large upcoming events in Duesseldorf including a 70 year celebration for the State of NorthRhineWestphalia are safe. The city is expecting one million visitors.

Law makers are pushing for new anti terror laws.