FRAPORT: One of Germany’s most customer-friendly and service-oriented companies


FRA has been recognized as one of Germany’s most customer-friendly and service-oriented companies by the “Top Service Deutschland 2016” competition.

German business magazine Handelsblatt, the University of Mannheim, and the company of ServiceRating have chosen Fraport, the operator of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), to receive the “Top Service Deutschland 2016” quality mark as one of the competition’s winners. Thus, Fraport now belongs to a select group of 50 German enterprises across all sectors of the economy that have received this distinction in 2016. And in fact, the Frankfurt Airport company has gone out of its way to make sure that passengers and visitors have a pleasant experience during their stay at FRA: with a yoga room, a Gaming World, a comfortable Gate to Gate service, workbenches, and much more. Fraport’s firm commitment to provide top service quality is excellently expressed by its new slogan, “Gute Reise! We make it happen”.

Launched more than a decade ago, the “Top Service Deutschland” competition gives companies an opportunity to have their customer focus evaluated on the basis of a rigorous, balanced, and objective model. Both customer opinions and expert analyses are taken into account for determining a company’s score. And based on the results, Frankfurt is the only airport among Germany’s best 50 enterprises in terms of customer focus and service orientation.

Other examples of the excellent customer experience and quality of service at FRA include the Frankfurt Airport App and free Wi-Fi. Passengers and visitors can find more information at and on the airport’s Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube pages.