Going green and staying green: Summit in Nairobi, Kenya

The 2nd Regional Green Tourism Summit, hosted by the Sustainable Travel & Tourism Agenda (STTA) is less than two weeks away now. The summit has attracted thought and opinion leaders in sustainable tourism and Green Development from Eastern and Southern Africa. The summit will host among other heavyweights the CEO of Verde Hotels, South Africa which are considered Africa’s greenest hotel chain and Samantha Annandale is the visionary behind the groups’ journey.

Also in Nairobi will be Lorraine Jenks, a thinker, a doer, a believer in Green Tourism and the Founder of Greenstuff / GreenHotels, also from South Africa.

Other speakers from East Africa include Judy Kepher-Gona of STTA, Carmen Nibigira of the East Africa Tourism Platform, Dr Geoffrey Manyara of UNECA, Prof. Sitati of AWF, Dr. Kitheka of Clemson University, Mr. Willis Ondiek of Kenya’s Tourism Regulatory Authority, Phyllis Ombonyo of NETFUND, Joseph Kathiwa of WWF and Chris Trott of Watamu Marine Association among others.

The deliberations will include:

· Marketing a sustainable brand effectively
· Return on investment and thrivability in sustainable tourism
· Urban Sustainability- the Case of EAC cities
· Sustainable tourism prospects in IGAD region
· Sustainability in planned events
· Policy innovation and Sustainable Tourism- Case of EATP
· Value of Green Development
· Green procurement principles
· Sustainable & Ethical food
· Sustainable tourism & biodiversity Conservation

This annual Green Summit is the only forum in East Africa that explores the interconnected facets of green development and sustainable tourism.