Paint the Caspian Sea into your favourable colour!


Baku is to host an unusual Holi Colour Festival Azerbaijan 2016 on June 25. During this compelling event, the participants throw coloured powders, painting everything around with bright colours. The paint packages will be handed to all participants of the show and included into the cost of the entrance ticket. Karvan Palace Hotel, located in the seaside at Mardakan settlement, a beloved place of Baku residents, has been chosen as a venue for holding this unusual festival. Guests inflamed by the sun and the inspiring rhythms can plunge into the freshening waves of the Caspian Sea or laze on the golden sand.

For all day long the visitors will be entertained by famous DJs, including DJ Philchansky, DJ Daveed Old Black Star Inc., DJ Duo Husky and others.

A single dress-code – white T-shirts to be painted into all colours of the rainbow is obligatory for all the guests. The cost of the tickets ranges from 20 to 50 AZN ($ 14-34). Shuttle buses will take the guests from Baku to the venue and back to the city.