Democratic Party of Hawaii new head Tim Vanderveer symbolizes a new generation


The new Chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii Mr. Tim Vanderveer said today after his election at the Sheraton Hotel in Waikiki. “The torch has been passed to a new generation.”

Jacce Mikulanec, Tyler Dos Santos-Tam, Florence Kong Kee and Tim Vandeveer were in the race to replace Stephanie Ohigashi as chair of the Democratic Party of Hawaii.

Tim Vanderveer was elected what is widely seen as a sign the old Inouye machine and the big labor Union candidates lost.

Vanderveer is also an unrelenting supporter of Bernie Sanders for president, the independent senator from Vermont standing up against Hillary Clinton. Him becoming the leader of the Hawaii democratic party will make him a super candidate. He will most certainly take his vote for Bernie Sanders to the upcoming national party convention in Philadelphia.

Tim Vanderveer represents the Defend Oahu Coalition and No Ko’olau Loa, about Keep the Country Country. How good or bad this for the travel and tourism industry will be seen. Environmental groups in the past had blocked most developments and defended environmental interests over economic ones.

This is the reason not much has changed on Oahu’s Northshore- the home of eTurboNews. More information on what may drive Tim’s agenda as the head of the new Democratic party can be found on the Defend Oahu Coalition website. Their goal is protecting communities along Ko`olauloa and the North Shore from the dangerous effects of large scale development.