UAE coastal areas brace for 12-foot waves


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – The National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology (NCMS) has warned beachgoers over rough winds affecting the UAE’s waters over the next two days, with waves expecting to reach as high as 12 feet offshore.

On Wednesday, the NCMS warned against fresh to strong northwesterly winds and rough seas in the Arabian Gulf.

In a statement, the NCMS spokesperson said: “The rough seas [in the Arabian Gulf] are expected to lead to wave height averaging six to eight feet offshore, with highs of 12 feet at times.”

The waves on shore are expected to reach between one and three feet.

The strong winds are expected to blow in dust and reduce visibility until Thursday.

The movement of strong northwesterly winds will average 28km/h to 36km/h on dry land, while an average 40km/h to 55km/h wind speed is expected to affect the sea.

The NCMS also said: “On Wednesday early morning, the UAE could experience some fog or mist around the coastal areas, which will later be affected by an increase in the wind speed that will affect most of the country until Friday morning.”

Residents are advised to take caution when venturing out into coastal areas and the deep sea.