Cultural experience of the tourism union of the six provinces of Central China


The Beijing International Travel Fair was held at the National Agriculture Exhibition Center in Beijing on May 20-22. One of the attendees was Ningxiang Tourism Administration. Nearly a thousand exhibitors from 81 countries and regions, as well as 30 provinces and cities, displayed their rich and colorful tourist resources from all over the world.

Among these, the most popular is the tourism union of the six provinces of central China, including the following six tourist attractions:

Ningxiang, Hunan – has a history of three thousand years of Shang and Zhou cultural remains, the discovery place of national treasure Bronze Square Zun with Four Sheep, and the Bronze Kingdom
Dengfeng, Henan – the birthplace of Chinese Kung Fu, where the main Shaolin temple is located
Wuyuan, Jiangxi – a beautiful representation of China’s agricultural civilization
Yi County, Anhui – the birthplace of Hui-culture in China
Zhenyuan, Guizhou – where 22 ethnic minorities are living
Zigui, Hubei – known as the hometown of poetry, and also the hometown of Quyuan, a great poet in ancient China
All the above mentioned are well known for their tourist attractions in China and jointly form the tourism union of the six provinces of central China.

On May 20, known as China’s Expressing Love Day, on-site costume drama shooting experience and picture-taking activities attracted the attention of many tourists.

The tourism union of the six provinces of central China can be considered as travelers’ first stop in the journey while visiting China. This will help provide a more comprehensive understanding of this beautiful country. Meanwhile, if you would like to spend your honeymoon in China these six places will be a definite good romantic choice!