EgyptAir retracts statement: Debris not from an aircraft


EgyptAir has retracted the earlier statement it made that the debris found in the Mediterranean Sea is from the missing flight 804.

A senior Greek air safety official said an “assessment of the finds showed that they do not belong to an aircraft,” according to AP. No response has yet been made by Egyptian officials.

The two pieces of floating debris that was spotted earlier by the Greek military turned out not to be identifiable as part of an aircraft.

The disappearance of EgyptAir flight 804 happened during what is considered the safest part of the flight – at cruising altitude – and only 50 miles away from the Egyptian coast line.

The EgyptAir Airbus turned into a 90 degree turn to the left followed by a 360 degree turn to the right and went from 37,000 feet to 15,000 and on to 10,000 feet before disappearing from the radar by Egyptian Aviation controllers.

No suspicious people were onboard according to initial background investigations of everyone on the flight

The Greece and Egyptian navy and air force were searching waters in between Greece and Egypt. Latest reports said the plane may have gone down over water.

Search efforts are ongoing.