Terror on MS804? Egypt Air flight from Paris to Cairo disappeared


Egypt is tremendously suffering when it comes to air safety. After a Russian jet with tourists from Sharm El Sheikh blown out of the sky by a bomb, another possible terror alert is ongoing.

This time it involves Star Alliance member Egypt Air on a scheduled flight from Paris to Cairo may be another tragedy.

It happened 10 miles into crossing into Egyptian airspace during clear sky.

The plane with the flight number MS804 faded from radar after increasing speed but without a distress call. It disappeared when daylight was breaking over Egypt Thursday morning.

Now 3 hours delayed, the flight disappeared from radar. Search and rescue teams are active at this time to look for the missing airbus.
56 passengers were on board and 10 crew members. According to CNN three Air Marshalls were also on board, what is unusual.

The captain has 6,000 hours of flight experience. The co-pilot has more than 4,000 hours in the cockpit. The aircraft was put in service in 2003 and no dangerous cargo was on board.

Egyptair’s Twitter account states the missing plane was at 37,000 feet when it disappeared 10 miles into Egyptian airspace.

According to an Egypt Air spokesperson, family members are waiting at Cairo Airport. Egypt Air ground staff escorted waiting people into a special waiting room at the airport.