Evaluated by eTN: JW Marriott Cancun, Mexico


The JW Marriott Cancun Resort & Spa is located in the heart of Cancun’s hotel zone, only 11 miles from the Cancun International Airport. Marriott promises on its website: This resort in Cancun offers the ultimate Mexican Caribbean vacation destination.

This is true. From a very quiet JW Marriott resort that closes down at 11 pm to one of the best resort cities when it comes to night life, great shopping, and fantastic food – this Mexican resort destination has it all.

I stayed at the JW Marriott in Cancun two weeks ago. It’s a beautiful twin resort connected to the CasaMagna Marriott Cancun Resort.

Both resorts are connected and you can use the facilities of both. You will also have charge privileges at both hotels.

I was glad to have chosen the JW Marriott. It’s a lot nicer resort.

My room at the JW Marriott was modern, spacious, had plenty of electric plugs, and good Internet access. I loved the Marriott beds.

I enjoyed a good dinner at the Mexican restaurant and also loved the breakfast buffet at the same restaurant.

So happy to have an espresso machine in my room and a spacious desk to get some work done. Sitting outside on the room balcony was a treat – stunning views.

The garden and pools were beautiful- you really don’t want to leave. The beaches are clean, have white sand, and good facilities with umbrellas and lounge chairs.

Talking about lounge chairs, there are none of those awful plastic chairs – just chairs with nice soft mattresses, so comfortable, you really don’t want to get up.

There are plenty of water sport options, but way above my budget.

There was even more to the resort – a large indoor pool, Jacuzzi, and a well-equipped gym.

I did not like them charging $20.00 to use the upstairs area of the gym with the sauna and steam room.

And don’t try to use the locker room; better to change in the bathroom, because locker access is also another $20.00.

A major disappointment at this resort, and this is not specific to Marriott, were inflated taxi prices. It’s outrageously expensive to get to the Casa La Isla shopping village just 4 miles away, a beautiful upscale shopping mall with many shops and restaurants.

It was even more expensive to get to the Cancun resort stretch with night clubs and entertainment. My ride from the airport (only 10 minutes away) was $68.00.

The staff at the resort was very friendly and everyone went out of their way to treat yme with respect and give me a feeling of “We care.”

This is for sure a place to come back to. By the way, avoid booking tours with the concierge or the on-property travel agency. You’ll find several booking agents at nearby shopping centers ready to offer up to a 70 percent discount for the same tours.