Haiti is part of Africa – and it will be official next month


As of next month, the African Union will have 55 members. For the first time, not all members are in Africa. Haiti, a Caribbean nation, decided to be part of the African continent and will be the first non-African country to join the African Union bloc of nations.

Culturally, though, a lot of people feel like the two are already joined.

Haiti has been known as a little piece of Africa in the Caribbean.

From religious practices to the way Haiti interacts, Haiti could be or now officially will be part of Africa.

The primary benefit for Haiti in joining the AU are important economic ties.

One of the main opportunity for this Caribbean nation located just miles from the United States is tourism. When Africa develops industries it will be looking for markets, and Haiti will be one of them.

Joining the AU is for most Haitians also a symbolic step. This move has been discussed for several years.