GOL: Number of seats and departures down 21.9 percent


SAO PAULO, Brazil – GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes SA announces the preliminary numbers of air traffic for April 2016 and the accumulated of 2016. The comparisons refer to the same period of 2015.

GOL’s highlights

• The number of departures and seats in the total system decreased by 21.9% and 11.5%, in the month and year-to-date, respectively. These results represent the major monthly adjustment already implemented by GOL since its foundation and are in accordance with its guidance of decrease the number of departures and seats between 15 and 18% for 2016.

• In line with the ongoing Restructuring Plan and due to the new network fully implemented on May 1, 2016, GOL currently has 16 aircraft out of operation that are waiting for the development of its fleet’s readjustment project.

• The domestic supply decreased by 15.2% in April and by 6.6% in the year, when compared to the same periods of 2015. In turn, the domestic demand decreased 19.2% in April, with a load factor of 76.1% and, in the year -to-date it fell 9.0%, with a load factor of 77.1%.

• In the international market of the month of April, capacity and demand fell by 16.8% and 11.9%, respectively, leading the load factor to 74.4% – which represents an increase of 4.2 p.p. Year-to-date, supply and demand on the same market decreased 18.1% and 12.0%, respectively, resulting in a load factor 5.4 p.p. higher, at 77.5%.