UNWTO funding for Tourism Legacy project in Livingstone, Zambia


Zambia has been given USD47,500 for a UNWTO Tourism Legacy project to be set up in the tourist capital of Livingstone. This is in honor of the people of Livingstone for their hospitality during Zambia’s co-hosting of the UNWTO 20th Session of the General Assembly in August 2013.

The funds have been donated by the government of the Republic of Korea through the UNWTO Sustainable Tourism for Eliminating Poverty (ST-EP) Foundation.

The announcement was made at the ongoing 103rd UNWTO Executive Council Meeting in Malaga, Spain, by Zambia’s Ambassador to France, His Excellency Ambassador Humphrey Chilu Chibanda, who is also the Permanent Representative to the UNWTO.

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Mr. Stephen Mwansa, who is leading the Zambian delegation to the country’s 2nd UNWTO Executive Council Session meeting since having been admitted to the Council last September, handed over the signed cooperation agreement between UNWTO and the Ministry of Tourism and Arts to UNWTO Secretary-General Dr. Taleb Rifai.

Mr. Mwansa thanked the UNWTO Secretary-General for having fulfilled the promise he made to the people of Livingstone and Zambia. The Permanent Secretary applauded the UNWTO Chief for being a true friend to Zambia and for the continued support and unwavering leadership he continues to give to Zambia, Africa, and indeed other members of the organization.

The Permanent Secretary also thanked Ambassador Dho Young-shim, Chairperson of the UNWTO-ST-EP Foundation, and the people of the Republic of South Korea for their continued generous support to Zambia. He stated that this is the third ST-EP project Zambia is receiving under the support of the government of South Korea.

The Permanent assured the Secretary-General and Ambassador Dho of Zambia’s commitment to full implementation of the project and ensuring that it benefits the intended beneficiaries who are the Livingstone community.

The Secretary-General praised Zambia’s commitment and support of the UNWTO objectives. He informed the Permanent Secretary that soon one of the UNWTO officials from the Technical Services will be traveling to Zambia in the first week of June to launch the new ST-EP Project.
And Zambia’s Ambassador to France, who is also the Permanent Delegate to UNWTO, Ambassador Humphrey Chibanda, expressed gratitude for the generous support rendered by the Government of the Republic of South Korea to Zambia through the ST-EP initiative.

Despite the special position of tourism in poverty alleviation, often poor segments of the population in developing countries and least-developed countries do not benefit from the economic impact of tourism. The UNWTO Sustainable Tourism – Eliminating Poverty Initiative (ST-EP) – promotes poverty alleviation through the provision of assistance to sustainable development projects. The initiative focuses on enhancing the organization’s longstanding work to encourage sustainable tourism – social, economic, and ecological – with activities that specifically alleviate poverty, deliver development, and create jobs for people living on less than a dollar a day.