New UAE visa system: Delays are due to system updates


DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Dubai residents are urged to contact the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) in case of any delays in their visa transactions via the new UAE Vision system.

A month into its launch, the new UAE Vision visa system, which allows residents to carry out all visa and residency transactions at typing centres, is still in its trial phase and “will effectively be launched in the near future”, an official of the GDRFA said.

“The UAE Vision system is still in its formative phase,” Brigadier Salah Saif Bin Saloum, Assistant to the Director-General for entry and residence permits department, said, adding that any delays the public may be facing are the result of updates to the new system.

“We are working to update the new system and expedite all its transactions,” he said, stressing that dissatisfied customers should contact the GDRFA in case of any delayed transactions.

“The system is still in its seminal stages. Once we have updated and finalised it, the system will be the best in terms of efficiency,” Brig Bin Saloum said, “if any of our customers are facing problems, or have their transactions delayed, they should not hesitate to contact our Amer Service.”

Brig Bin Saloum said that the old system was no longer compatible with the updated technology, and the department’s aim was to keep their services on a par with technological advancement to expedite and simplify all transactions.

With the new system, residents are no longer required to visit the GDRFA headquarters or any of its external branches in order to renew or apply for visas. Instead, all transactions will be carried out through the approved typing centers.

The transactions include applying for visa, renewing residency, applying for new residency, and visa cancellation, in addition to any other related services. According to the GDRFA, there have been no changes to the required materials or charges related to the visa transactions.

Brig Bin Saloum said that staff members and employees at the approved typing centers are being trained to handle the new system and its requirements. He pointed out that clients must provide accurate information to the typing center such as valid phone numbers, address and email in order to allow communication with them.

Those who apply for visit visa-related transaction will have it sent to their email and those applying for residency visa service will have it sent to them via Zajel courier service, he explained.

“The UAE Vision system is extremely accurate in reading and registering information before completing a transaction,” he said. “Customers are then notified through SMS and email about the status of their application and when it is completed.”

Brig Bin Saloum said that the system will be thoroughly examined and updated before being implemented across 600 typing centers in Dubai.

Zajel counters will be available at all the approved typing centers. Those applying for residency visas can hand over their passport to the counter after the application process is complete. The Zajel courier service will then deliver the customer’s passport once the visa has been issued and stamped.