Maintaining leading global city position: AECOM reacts on London mayoral election


LONDON, England – Patrick Flaherty, Chief Executive – UK & Ireland, AECOM, issued the following statement, following the election of new London Mayor:

“New London Mayor Sadiq Khan arrives at City Hall to face the challenge of improving London’s competitiveness to maintain its position as a leading global city. Housing, infrastructure and the ability to compete effectively for foreign direct investment all require his urgent attention.

“Failure to address London’s escalating housing crisis will eliminate the capital’s ability to compete with major global cities. London needs a proactive strategy for growth that integrates house-building with infrastructure development and employment opportunities. Increased volume and a wider choice of dwelling types and tenures is key to stimulating economic prosperity, retaining a skilled workforce and maintaining London’s status as a leading global city. Addressing the housing crisis will require the new mayor to wield influence across a much wider region than the traditional boundaries of Greater London. To achieve meaningful change, he must collaborate with and influence local authorities surrounding the capital to share in economic growth and be prepared to look beyond their own local housing needs.

“The mayoral office plays an important role in promoting London as a viable location to invest. Yet a cloud of uncertainty hangs over the capital due to decades of dithering, delay and inaction over aviation capacity in the South East. The UK lags behind global rivals with nearly double the aviation capacity, significantly impeding its ability to compete on the global stage.

“Khan has opposed expansion at Heathrow throughout his mayoral campaign. There is now a real risk of the runway debate going back to square one. The damage this would do to the economy and the UK’s competitive standing would be irreversible for several generations. London cannot afford further political procrastination.” Patrick Flaherty, Chief Executive – UK & Ireland, AECOM