Terror in Brussels? No it’s time for tourism and festivals


The Iris Festival in Brussels has launched the events season in the European and Belgium capital city with more than 150,000 visitors

This weekend, the Iris Festival has magnificently celebrated the 27th anniversary of the Brussels-Capital Region under the sun. The 143 Brussels Foodtruck Festival participants have served up dishes from the four corners of the world, the Electro Night saw dancing in the Place des Palais, federations of Brussels and street artists animated the centre of the capital Regio… An opportunity to exhibit the « joie de vivre » of Brussels: party, laugh, joke, eat and drink have been the key words of these two days.

The iris Fair has spread an ambiance of group celebration in the four corners of the Belgian capital in order to honour it. The Place des Palais concerts have once more been an inescapable meeting point this weekend. The DJs of the Electro Night (Saturday evening), the winners of the Be On Stage, be .brussels competition (Laura Crowe, Ladylo and SeeUsoon), Charles Pasi, Mustii and Sinsémilia (Sunday) have enticed some 20 000 spectators.

But that wasn’t all: there was also a cavalcade of other activities at the meeting point of the Parc de Bruxelles

The Brussels Food Truck Festival tingled the taste buds with the most various tastes. 143 food-trucks were all gathered for the occasion. Between the culinary discoveries from the four ends of the earth, and the small sugary pastries or aperitif cocktails, the 110 000 visitors had everything to satisfy their every want.

A hundred or so various associations were also present for Brussels, born and bred!. Visitors have discovered the treasures and activities of their municipality in an individualized, playful, interactive way.
Finally, many artists have strolled through the alleys: colorful stilt dancers, a giant walking camel puppet almost 5 m tall, even an Urban Jam celebrating graffiti and street art, and many more.

Brussels Parliament was open to the public on Sunday for inter alia, the Festival of Swing, as well as jazz concerts and improvisational theater.
Brussels Welcome attracted the curious by allowing them to discover five Brussels municipalities different away from the beaten track.