East Africa hard hit by flooding: Tourists not concerned

Heavy rains sweeping across the Eastern African region affected Uganda as much as the coastal countries of Kenya and Tanzania. Floodings in the three cities of Dar es Salaam, Nairobi, and Kampala caused severe damage and lives were lost, especially in Nairobi where under the relentless downpour a few days ago a building collapsed from which nearly 3 dozen bodies were recovered.

Yesterday, the torrential rains also came down heavy on Kenya’s coastal city of Mombasa, where enroute to the Likoni ferry, roads were turned into rivers and shops flooded, causing a substantial loss of commodities in the process.

While the rains have, for now, subsided at the coast, tourists are apparently less concerned about the situation, waiting it out in their resort rooms or the hotels’ public areas playing indoor games, reading, tweeting, FB’ing, or watching TV as observed while visiting several Diani-based hotels at the height of the rains over the past few days.

Today though, while breezy, the sun come out again with force, and the tourists are again enjoying the great outdoors, the beaches, trips on glass bottom boats to the reefs, surfing, and other water-based activities, the reason after all why they opted to come to Kenya in the first place. With the weather in Europe still undecided, if winter is again to return or spring eventually come to life, in Kenya – even when it pours with rain it is warm – the tourists an sunbathe and swim without fear of sudden frostbite.