Africa airline fortifies safety measures


LUSAKA, Zambia – “The safety of our passengers is something we take very seriously at Proflight and as such we see to it that we take every measure possible to secure it,” said Proflight Zambia Director of Quality Safety and Security, Kenneth Silavwe, commenting on the airline’s newest flight tracking system.

Proflight Zambia has installed a high-tech flight tracking system to enable it to monitor plane movements in real-time. The advanced Spidertracks satellite system will help the airline to further improve the efficiency and reliability of its scheduled services as well as providing an added dimension of safety.

“Spiders are a small and simple, low-cost tracking solution for fleet operators. Spidertracks satellite tracking unit brings with it a simple, inexpensive solution to enhancing safety oversight of our aircraft in flight. Since we started using the service, our safety has been significantly enhanced,” said Mr. Silavwe.

“We track every aircraft and receive an email and SMS every time one of our aircraft taxis out, takes-off, lands and taxies back in, ensuring we know its exact location at all times,” he added.

Captain Philip Lemba, Proflight Director of Government and Industry Affairs added: “Our aim is to increase the safety and operational efficiency of our airline. By employing creative and intuitive products such as Spidertracks, we continue our strategy of being a world-class airline.”