Hotel offers first bunk bed rooms on the Las Vegas Strip


LAS VEGAS, NV – The LINQ Hotel & Casino will take its innovative experiences to a new level this May by offering bunk bed rooms, making this an unforgettable experience for millennials and modern travelers. This will be a first for Las Vegas visitors and offers guests the chance to bunk with four of their Strip sidekicks, just in time for summer vacation.

The LINQ Hotel & Casino is the resort at the center of the Strip for young, hip travelers looking to book their next Vegas getaway. The twelve bunk bed rooms allow for a large group of friends to crash in the same space and not spend a single moment apart. It’s also an affordable option for travelers looking to live out their Vegas experience, staying at the center of the Strip without breaking the bank.

“The all-new LINQ Hotel & Casino takes its innovated experiences to the next level by providing the first bunk bed rooms on the Strip,” said Bob Morse hospitality president for Caesars Entertainment. “This unique offering is in line with our goal of providing a complete lifestyle experience at the center of the Strip, perfect for group getaways and just in time for summer travel.”