Iranian flags raised in Baghdad while all flights from Teheran to Baghdad were canceled


Iran canceled all flights from Iranian airports to Baghdad, Iraq, after demonstrators broke into the heavily-fortified government complex in the Green Zone. Photos show the Iranian flag flying over spots in the Iraqi capital city of Baghdad.

The Green Zone is the most secure part of the Iraqi capital, housing the parliament, the prime minister’s office and embassies.

The security situation in Baghdad and Iraq is unstable and critical.

Just today on Sunday at least 33 people were killed and 50 others injured in two car bombs in the southern Iraqi city of Samawa.

Samawa, a Shia-dominated city, is located some 370km south of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad.

The official also noted that the death toll from both blasts is expected to rise. A medical official also confirmed the number of casualties.

Online photographs showed huge plumes of smoke rising above buildings and a number of burnt out cars and bodies lying on the ground at the site of the first attack.

The Takfiri group Daesh claimed responsibility for both attacks.