Brussels Airport set to return some airlines to the “old” departure hall

Passengers flying Brussels Airlines, together with those of 24 other airlines operating into and out of Zaventem International, will find that they will return to the original departure terminal as of tomorrow, May 2.

While access to the terminal is now strictly controlled, similar to what passengers have experienced for several years now in Eastern Africa or India, the return to the Level 3 Departure Hall will also signal a return to normality, much hoped for and expected after the senseless bombing of the airport by a criminal gang purporting to be Muslims but when taking a closer look just a bunch of terrorist devil worshippers.

A further 34 airlines will for the time being, until the Departure section has been fully rebuild and repaired, remain in the Temporary Departure section and passengers are advised to check to which facility they need to proceed when reaching Zaventem by various means of transport.