Kenya Airways operations return to normal

Effective 6:00am this morning all flight operations of Kenya Airways were back to normal after pilots, that yesterday staged a strike in defiance of a court order prohibiting them from walking off their jobs, returned to work.

The airline has issued the following statement which is now available for passengers and as notice to the wider public.


29th April 2016 / 11.30AM

Kenya Airways wishes to announce our flight schedule is back to normal following flight disruptions yesterday. We are currently ensuring all our guests are accommodated in today’s flights.
All flights scheduled for this morning, with the exception of KQ 526 to Yaoundé, which was cancelled for operational reasons, have departed. The rest of today’s scheduled flights are crewed for on time departure. We had 22 departures and six arrivals this morning.
We advise all our guests to ensure they check their flights prior to departure through our KQ mobile app, website or 24HR Contact Centre. We will continue to give you regular updates via our social media pages.

We wish to thank our guests for their patience and understanding and assure that we are committed to serving you and restoring your confidence in our airline.