Why Werte 2.0?


It is now already the seventh time that the fund-raiser of the event economy “Werte 2.0” will take place in Montabaur, Germany, on 4 May, 2016. The hosts Estrel Berlin, Hotel Schloss Montabaur and primarily Bernd Fritzges are announcing a massive advancement of the event this year.

Besides the content of the conference, which is all about values, ethics and morals as well as active networking and the beneficial character, the responsibles want to put the emphasis on the long-term added value for all the participants. In addition to this a dedicated Werte 2.0 office will be opened this year. The aim of Werte 2.0 is to increase the awareness of especially the meeting and conference representatives for the meaning of a valuable, cooperative and sustainable interaction with each other. Practical lectures give assistance to the participants on how to implement this in their own companies and enable them to exchange views with each other.

It is already clear that the event with its motto “the best of the best” will feature a compelling agenda. As completion there will be intensive networking breaks, for which the hosts will make use of an online match-making tool. By introducing the “Werte” code the radiance of those companies acting in an exemplary manner should be even intensified. “For those who want to take part in a premium network, learn about recommended actions for a value-oriented interaction with employees and business partners, and benefit from the event for his/her own event organization, Werte 2.0 is the right place to be!”, says initiator Bernd Fritzges. Tickets including the complete conference and social programme as well as food and beverages start from only EUR 139.